Green In Gwinnett Area and Oil Advertisements…



We live in Gwinnett County.  Many of us drive downtown to Atlanta for work.  We rely on the oil companies for our fuel. We also watch and listen to advertisements from Exxon, BP, Shell, and other about how they are investing hundreds of billions of dollars into renewable energies.  Is that true?

The Obama administration wants to reduce oil consumption, increase renewable energy supplies and cut carbon dioxide emissions in the most ambitious transformation of energy policy in a generation.

But the world’s oil giants are not convinced that it will work. Even as Washington goes into a frenzy over energy, many of the oil companies are staying on the sidelines, balking at investing in new technologies favored by the president, or even straying from commitments they had already made.

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One Response to “Green In Gwinnett Area and Oil Advertisements…”

  1. John Says:

    Seems as though the Oil companies were disingenuous. It was all theatre. When they were being lambasted for outrageous profiteering (in a falling economy and sky-rocketing gas prices ) these companies only spoke of their long-term commmitments to renewable energy. Now that Obama has stolen their limelight they are taking their ball and going home.

    It’s clear that their best interests are not in renewable energy right now. They have spent years creating and controlling a perpetual profit-machine. Why would they walk away from that model? Altruism?

    Corporations (generally) don’t ACT responsibly – they REact responsibly.


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