Gwinnett and Green IT



Green IT Initiatives

The foundation of being “IT Green” is reducing consumption without reducing productivity and efficiency. A good side-effect of reducing consumption is that you can reduce costs. So with some thought and planning, your green IT initiatives can save you money while you save the environment. Below are our tips.

New equipment – Purchase new equipment that is energy efficient, multi-purpose and has an extended life-cycle. The average PC has a life expectancy of just over 3 years. By centralizing your computing needs, you can significantly extend that life. If you still have CRTs, now is the time to upgrade to LCDs.
Look at virtualization (server, application, desktop) options that can give you increased computing in the most efficient configuration. Microsoft has a good primer to get you familiar with the types of virtualization.
Centralize printing and use all-in-one devices for shared functionality. Go electronic whenever possible.

Existing equipment – Extend the life of computers by adding RAM or disk when possible. Use power saver settings for individual units and energy monitoring software for the network. Replace energy wasting equipment like CRTs, older printers with new Energy Star products. Energy Star EZ Save and EZ Wizard are free power monitoring programs.

Recycle – Responsible recycling is essential. Computer equipment and electronics should all be reused if possible and environmentally recycled at the end of their life. Be sure to recycle your print cartridges also. The EPA eCycling has tips and lists recycling programs. LAN Systems would be happy to arrange for recycling through our free program.

LanSystems is located in Norcross, GA.  They provide IT Services to Metro Atlanta.  They were also awarded “Best In Gwinnett” from voters in Gwinnett businesses…



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