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Green during the Storm

February 13, 2010

Here are a few tips to stay warm, safe and green over the weekend.

1. Use blankets and dressed in comfortable warm clothing .
2. When using heaters try to stay in the area where they will be used with others. More people create more heat in the room and require less use of small heat in multiple areas reducing expenses and increasing safety.
3. Never leave an unattended space heater running or burning.
4. Warm green tea and organic coffee warm you from the inside out. Cane sugar and stevia are better for your short and long term health.
5. It’s Valentines Weekend cuddle up with the ones you love and keep warm.

Have a love filled warm weekend. Remember to love the earth while you do!

Gwinnett Business Growth and Sustainability BuGS Series

January 29, 2010

BuGS Series

Event Date:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 – 11:30am – 2:00pm


Gwinnett Chamber

Cost (members):


Cost (non-members):


Business Growth and Sustainability (BuGS) 2010
Presented by:

Energy Efficiency in your Business
Energy efficiency is typically one of the first places business look for savings.

Reducing your energy consumption saves money and reduces your carbon footprint, but what is the cost and how do you pay for it?  Is it worth the investment?

Teresa Newman – Energy and Environmental Solutions – Siemens

Wayne Robertson, PE, Leed AP – President – Energy Ace

Gail Edwards – Program Director – Gwinnett Technical College


Ben Taube – Executive Director – Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Date: February 9, 2010

Time: 11:30 – 2:00

Location: Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

6500 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth, Georgia  30097

(For Directions Click HERE)

Register Here

Green In Gwinnett Area: Working to keep Gwinnett Green and Sustainable!

Where To Recycle Christmas Trees In Gwinnett, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Dacula, Sugar Hill, Buford, Norcross and more

December 25, 2009

Green In Gwinnett Area

Green In Gwinnett Area



Recycle Those Christmas Trees to”Keep Georgia Beautiful

Bring One for the Chipper is Georgia’s annual Christmas tree recycling program. Each year, Keep Georgia Beautiful works with private sponsors to organize the recycling event. These statewide sponsors included The Home Depot, The Davey Tree Expert Company and WXIA-TV. Numerous local sponsors and volunteers also make contributions and provide in-kind services across the state.

How can you help? Bring your Christmas Tree to one of the fire department locations or other locations listed below.  Make sure your Christmas Tree has all of the lights and decorations removed from it.  Do not bring artificial Christmas Trees.

Dates: December 26 – January 16

Locations in Gwinnett:


Fire Station 14, 1600 Highway 23, Buford 30518

Fire Station 24, 2735 Mall of GA Blvd., Buford 30519


Fire Station 16, 195 Dacula Rd., Dacula 30019

Fire Station 17, 2739 Brooks Rd., Dacula 30019

Fire Station 18, 3600 Braselton Hwy., Dacula 30019

Fire Station 27, 2825 Old Fountain Rd. Dacula 30019


The Home Depot, 5950 State Bridge Rd., Duluth, 30097 (January 9th Only)

Fire Station 5, 3001 Old Norcross Rd., Duluth, 30044

Fire Station 7, 3343 Bunton Rd., Duluth 30096

Fire Station 19, 3275 N. Berkeley Lake Rd.,Duluth 30096


Fire Station 8, 2295 Brannan Rd.,Grayson 30017


Fire Station 9, 1900 Five Forks-Trickum Rd., Lawrenceville 30044

Fire Station 15, 275 S. Perry St.,Lawrenceville 30045

Fire Station 20, 1801 Cruse Rd.,Lawrenceville 30044

Fire Station 25, 3575 Lawrenceville Hwy., Lawrenceville 30044


Fire Station 2, 12 Harmony Grove Rd.,Lilburn 30047

Fire Station 3, 4394 Five Forks-Trickum Rd.,Lilburn 30047

Fire Station 22, 2180 Stone Dr., Lilburn 30047


Fire Station 28, 3725 Rosebud Rd. Loganville 30052


The Home Depot, 4343 Tilly Mill Rd., Atlanta, 30360 (From 1/1/2010 til 1/10/2010)

Fire Station 1, 165 Lawrenceville St., Norcross, 30071

Fire Station 4, 5550 Spalding Dr., Norcross 30092

Fire Station 11, 5885 Live Oak Pkwy.,Norcross 30093

Fire Station 23, 4355 Steve Reynolds Blvd.,Norcross 30093


Fire Station 6, 3890 Johnson Dr.,Snellville 30039

Fire Station 12, 2815 Lenora Church Rd.,Snellville 30078

Sugar Hill

Fire Station 26, 6075 Suwanee Dam Rd.,Sugar Hill 30518


Sims Lake Park, 4600 Suwanee Dam Rd., Suwanee 30024

Fire Station 21, 474 Old Peachtree Rd.,Suwanee 30024

The Chipper program involves hundreds of Georgia communities and thousands of volunteers. Since its inception, the program has recycled over 4.8 million Christmas trees. The mulch from these trees has been used for playgrounds, local government beautification projects, and individual yards. You can support the Chipper program by bringing your cut Christmas tree to a designated drop off site or volunteering with your local coordinator to collect trees.


This information was obtained from KeepGeorgiaBeautiful.Org

Think Green In Gwinnett!!!

Gwinnett Indoor Gardening Tips

December 19, 2009

Here in Gwinnett there are many homes, townhomes, condos and apartments with limited outdoor space. However you can still do gardening indoors. The inside of your home has a controlled environment that is independent of the weather conditions outside. With indoor gardening, you still need to take ambient temperature, moisture, air circulation, and the availability of natural and artificial light sources into account. Try hanging plants or if you are creative you can experiment orchids, bamboo, and ferns.

Think Green In Gwinnett!

What are you doing to make a difference

December 19, 2009

What are you doing to make a difference in your community today and this Holiday season? Toys for Tots could real (cont)

Ronald McDonald House Charity and Clear Present Santa’s Secret Closet

December 8, 2009

Charity Toy DriveCLEAR & The Ronald Mcdonald House present:
December 13th

CLEAR is partnering up with the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Atlanta to help spread some holiday cheer to families in need. Families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House during the holiday season are welcome to go into Santa’s Secret Closet and choose presents to help make their child’s holidays a little brighter.
We will be accepting:
-Unwrapped gifts for children up to the age of 21.
-Gift Cards to Target,Wal-mart, Grocery stores or gas cards
-Nonperishable food items
-Household cleaning supplies
-Disposable household items.
-Family DVD’s or video games

*Donate by calling 404.856.0051/
or attend the following event below.
Starts 1pm and ends after the final game.
Info:404.856.0051 //
HOOTERS of Lawrencville
860 Duluth Highway 120 Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(770) 513-7260

Remember to Think Green In Gwinnett and Also Give a Little Extra In This Season Of Giving!

Kitty Litter Eco

November 24, 2009

This year several billion pounds of kitty litter will end up in landfills. Most of this clay based product is strip mined and has been found to contain silica dust, a known carcinogen. If that doesn’t make you want to look for a greener alternative than nothing will. Switching to an eco-friendly alternative such as reclaimed pine wood shavings and concentrated sawdust is the socially responsible choice. Not only is pine kitty litter biodegradable, but it can be sustainably harvested from trees killed by pine beetles which are devastating the Western U.S.

Think Green In Gwinnett!

Gas or Charcoal BBQ and The Carbon Footprint…

November 8, 2009

Does that thing have a Hemi? (yes actually) (Please leave a comment)


Have you ever thought about which is better for the environment when having a cookout? Gas or Charcoal?

The next time you are getting ready for the backyard football cookout, or any BBQ, take into consideration your carbon footprint and personal health. Here are a few tips:

Go for Gas. Lump charcoal is becoming increasingly available, but often comes from thousands of miles (or even multiple continents) away, which negates some of its carbon benefits(due to the output from transportation); until it’s readily available from local sources, the efficiency of gas wins out.

If you must use Charcoal:

-Avoid charcoal imported from distant places such as Indonesia that is likely to have come from endangered forests. —

-Look for locally sourced charcoal from a supplier that uses wood from sustainably managed forests.

-Don’t use lighter fluids made from gasoline derivatives which can leave harmful deposits on your food, instead try crumpled newspaper or kindling.

So next time your lil North Gwinnett Bulldog wants to grill out before a game, be sure to Think Green In Gwinnett Area GIGA

– James Chronicle

Thank You For Visiting.  Please take a moment to visit our Official Fundraiser for The American Cancer Society and Relay For Life:

Help Support The American Cancer Society’s Gwinnett Relay For Life. Visit HOPEinks
Create your account and choose our team “toners for life” and 10% of the purchase gets donated to Gwinnett Relay For Life.

Relay For Life and Print Green USA / Official Partners

Gwinnett and Green IT

November 4, 2009


Green IT Initiatives

The foundation of being “IT Green” is reducing consumption without reducing productivity and efficiency. A good side-effect of reducing consumption is that you can reduce costs. So with some thought and planning, your green IT initiatives can save you money while you save the environment. Below are our tips.

New equipment – Purchase new equipment that is energy efficient, multi-purpose and has an extended life-cycle. The average PC has a life expectancy of just over 3 years. By centralizing your computing needs, you can significantly extend that life. If you still have CRTs, now is the time to upgrade to LCDs.
Look at virtualization (server, application, desktop) options that can give you increased computing in the most efficient configuration. Microsoft has a good primer to get you familiar with the types of virtualization.
Centralize printing and use all-in-one devices for shared functionality. Go electronic whenever possible.

Existing equipment – Extend the life of computers by adding RAM or disk when possible. Use power saver settings for individual units and energy monitoring software for the network. Replace energy wasting equipment like CRTs, older printers with new Energy Star products. Energy Star EZ Save and EZ Wizard are free power monitoring programs.

Recycle – Responsible recycling is essential. Computer equipment and electronics should all be reused if possible and environmentally recycled at the end of their life. Be sure to recycle your print cartridges also. The EPA eCycling has tips and lists recycling programs. LAN Systems would be happy to arrange for recycling through our free program.

LanSystems is located in Norcross, GA.  They provide IT Services to Metro Atlanta.  They were also awarded “Best In Gwinnett” from voters in Gwinnett businesses…


Gwinnett. How To Make Your Lil Goblins Even More Green This Halloween!

October 31, 2009


Gwinnett: Did you know that Americans use more than 380 million plastic bags and more than 10 million paper bags every year. Plastic bags end up either in landfills or discarded in nature.  This waste then kills thousands of marine mammals annually, and when it eventually does break down, it contaminate our land and water which are our valuable resources.

Reusable bags are not only better for the environment at Halloween, they’re also better for our children. Paper and plastic bags can rip easily, spilling Halloween treats and we know that our kids don’t like that. Reusable bags are much more durable and practical!

When the little ghosts and goblins in your family go trick-or-treating this Halloween, make sure they carry reusable bags or containers that don’t need to be discarded after they are used.

Cloth or canvas shopping bags, or even pillowcases, make terrific eco-friendly alternatives to paper or plastic bags, or to the molded plastic jack-o-lanterns so many kids use to collect candy at Halloween.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this quick tip.  Our future depends on our choices today, our future is our children.

Think Green In Gwinnett Area!

~James Chronicle

Green In Gwinnett Area is located in Suwanee, Georgia.