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When To Second Guess

August 24, 2010

Schedule Time for Second Guessing
Questioning whether or not you’ve made the right decision can be a useful way to make sure you’re on the right track. But if you second guess yourself at the wrong time, you may feel tempted to give up on important commitments. Don’t question yourself when you are most vulnerable. Instead, schedule a time to review your decision critically when you are in the right frame of mind. For example, don’t wonder whether you should abandon a plan to talk more during meetings when you are walking into the conference room. Rather, tell yourself that you will question the decision ten minutes into the meeting, once you’ve had time to get used to the idea. Setting a time will also help you second guess once rather than nagging yourself with doubts.

Green In Gwinnett Area

Green vs Clean

August 16, 2010

1) Bottled Water vs. Tap Water. Myth: Bottled water is better for you. Fact: Bottled water is less regulated than tap water, and in a 2008 study by the Environmental Working Group, 38 contaminants were found in 10 of the top brands of bottled water. Also, plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals into the water. Finally, if you like things clean, then why add to the huge amount of plastic that exists in our oceans and landfills? That stuff is not going anywhere, and eventually it will show up on your beach and in your backyard. That’s pretty gross.
2) The Disinfection Obsession. Myth: Green cleaning products aren’t as effective as antibacterials. Fact: Unless you are a surgeon requiring a sterile environment, good old soap and water or even home made concoctions like vinegar and baking soda are just as effective cleaning agents as antibacterials – sans the side effects of toxic chemicals, indoor air pollution, and water pollution. These don’t sound so very clean to me.
3) Use and Toss. Myth: Single use products are more hygienic than reusable ones.  Fact: Actually, you can get a better clean from cloth towel than a paper towel, without the paper waste and mess. Cloth towels are more absorbent and stronger and therefore are more effective at getting the grime out of your kitchen. Use and wash is still better than use and toss, and if your mess is not a wet one, you can even reuse your cloth towel a few times before washing it, making it even more environmentally preferable to paper.
4) Kleenex vs. Handkerchief – I got nothin’ here – sorry, you won’t catch me blowing my nose over and over in the same hanky. Even I have my limits….but I am open to suggestions!
5) The Hippie Stigma. Myth: People who are passionate about the environment are tree-hugging hippies who don’t shave, wear deodorant, or shower regularly.  Fact: We are not in the 60’s anymore.

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Wildlife in Urban and Suburban Settings

July 8, 2010

We usually think of wildlife in parks, national forests, and undeveloped areas like the mountains. But how often do you notice examples right around you?

Behind Mall of GA, the forested wetlands are home to animals you might not imagine: birds and squirrels, but also deer, snakes, ducks, salamanders, beaver, and even coyote. Similar great examples can be spotted along the Suwanee Creek Greenway. The diversity of wildlife can be one type of indicator of the overall ecosystem health and community sustainability.

Wherever you live, what unusual examples have you seen? For anyone near or in the study area, where in particular have you seen wildlife around northern Suwanee, Buford, the mall, and along Suwanee Creek and Ivy Creek Greenways?

Do you think keeping wildlife in this urban setting is a good thing? Or is it a danger or nuisance? Deer get hit by vehicles. Canadian geese take over water features. Why should we encourage wildlife near a major activity center?
Share your thoughts!

– Green In Gwinnett Area – Keeping Gwinnett Green and Sustainable

Home | Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation

July 3, 2010

Open Heart = Gwinnett

Check out the link below for their OFFICIAL BLACK EYED PEAS VIDEO the Open Heart Campaign created!

Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support, GMC has secured approval to launch its open heart program in Gwinnett County. Now the real work has begun!

A dedicated 40,000 square foot facility is in development. This $33 million investment will ensure that the people of our community have access to a complete range of cardiac services. When it opens in early 2012, the Heart and Vascular Center at Gwinnett Medical Center–Lawrenceville will be state-of-the-art. While the advanced technologies are impressive, they won’t be what make the Center truly special. It will be the devoted professionals and their world-class capabilities that make the difference.

You, too, can help make a difference. We are approaching our goal of $8 million in charitable giving to directly support the development of the program, but there is still a ways to go. With your help, we’ll reach that goal.

via Home | Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation.

This post was created to help spread the message and gain support for our Gwinnett Open Heart campaign.  Green In Gwinnett Area is pleased to be able to contribute to this worthy cause.

– James Chronicle

Green In Gwinnett Tip

June 10, 2010

Choose fewer ingredients
A long list of ingredients often indicates the presence of questionable chemicals that may be harmful to you or the environment. This is especially true for personal care products, food, and cleansers. Simplify what you buy.  Buy organic if available.  Organic foods have less ingredients because they don’t include the harmful chemicals that could be added in non-organic foods…

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Gwinnett Relay For Life 2010 Today!

May 7, 2010

Purchase GIGA T-Shirts at the “Toners For Life” site tonight and 100% of the proceeds go to The American Cancer Society Gwinnett Relay For Life!

Print Green USA, Inc., in association with the program is an official partner of The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Program.  Please visit: for more information.  Print Green USA is also participating as a Relay For Life team named “Toners For Life” and will be at tonights Gwinnett Relay For Life event at site 268!  Team Captain’s are James Chronicle and Joe Doherty.  The Gwinnett Relay For Life event is held at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. The Gwinnett Relay For Life 2010 currently has 7882 particpants and 366 Relay Teams.  The Gwinnett Relay For Life 2010 has raised over $1 million so far!

More Here:

Gwinnett LEED Certified Library Ribbon Cutting

May 5, 2010

Gwinnett County Public Library System’s

LEED Certified Hamilton Mill Branch

Join us on May 8, 2010 at 1 pm for our Grand Opening Celebration.

The library is open to customers beginning on April 24, 2010.

3690 Braselton Highway
Dacula, GA 30019

(View Map)

The Gwinnett County Public Library is eagerly anticipating the opening of the Hamilton Mill branch located off of Interstate 85 in Dacula, GA. Gwinnett’s first green library was designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification from the United States Green Building Council. The following is a brief description of some of the library’s unique features and sustainable attributes that are sure to enrich, amaze, and inspire Gwinnett residents for many years to come.

Sustainable Sites

  • The building is close to park and recreation centers.
  • The building provides parking provisions for fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles, and bike racks for patron and employee use.
  • EPA “Energy Star” roof with reflective color coating reduces heat island effect.

Water Efficiency

  • Drought tolerant plants and water efficient drip irrigation system will help reduce water usage.
  • Native or adapted plants have been restored to open areas.
  • Low flow automatic faucets and toilets.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Extra foam insulation on the exterior wall enhances energy efficiency.
  • Window glass features double glazing, low emission, and selective low emission coating to improve insulation and heat gain and loss through the building fenestration.
  • Energy use is reduced up to 30% with energy efficient lighting, heating, and cooling equipment.
  • Artificial lighting is automatically controlled based on the amount of daylight entering the space, improving energy efficiency and turning off luminaries when not needed.
  • Air conditioning equipment does not use conventional CFC and HCFC refrigerants, which are not environmentally friendly.

Materials & Resources

  • 89% of construction waste associated with this project was recycled and diverted from local area landfills.
  • Building materials contain both pre- and post- consumer recycled content and are manufactured within a 500-mile radius of the project site.
  • Carpet contains recycled material.

Indoor Environment Quality

  • Sunshades and solar control devices on the south facade help control the amount of light and heat which enters the building throughout the year.
  • Vertical fins on the east and west windows reduce direct afternoon sunlight.
  • Paints and adhesives contain no or low volatile organic compounds (VOC), thereby reducing indoor pollutant sources.
  • Carbon dioxide and humidity sensors monitor indoor air quality.

“Art in Architecture”

One of the more unique features of the project is the “Art in Architecture” component designed by local artist Maria Artemis, who as described by the architect, “collaborated with the team to create a provocative series of screened glass ‘paintings’ for windows throughout the library. The motif condenses themes of water, earth, sun, and the use of language in our culture.”

All photographs by Michael E. Casey

Green In Gwinnett Area –  Green And Sustainable

Barbeque Grill Eco Friendly, Solar Powered

May 4, 2010

Solar Grill Cooks Burgers with the Sun

solar_grill_show01_w460.jpgYou usually only fire up the BBQ grill when it’s sunny out anyways, so a solar-powered barbeque grill only makes sense. This isn’t an electric bbq grill rigged up with some solar panels either, it’s a BBQ grill that’s designed to use the heat of the sun to heat the surface of the grill without any gas or coils involved.

It’s equipped with a mirrored coating that focuses all the sun’s rays toward a panel in the middle that acts as the cooking surface. It all looks like a really elaborate science fair project, but it’s a pretty sweet idea and much cooler than your standard grill. It’s available now for $240.

So which type of Barbeque Grill is more eco-friendly? Charcoal Grill or Gas Grill?

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Georgia HOT Lanes Update

April 27, 2010

UNDATED – Construction on Gwinnett County’s new High Occupancy Toll Lanes along Interstate 85 is just around the corner.

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Green In Gwinnett Tip Speeding

April 26, 2010

Do the Speed Limit

Did you know that rapid acceleration and braking is the fastest way to waste gas? Do the speed limit and increase gas mileage by 33%! Your gas mileage will decrease more rapidly over 60 mph.

Save on those speeding tickets too! Atlanta has the new Super Speeder law with very high fines!

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