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Gas or Charcoal BBQ and The Carbon Footprint…

November 8, 2009

Does that thing have a Hemi? (yes actually) (Please leave a comment)


Have you ever thought about which is better for the environment when having a cookout? Gas or Charcoal?

The next time you are getting ready for the backyard football cookout, or any BBQ, take into consideration your carbon footprint and personal health. Here are a few tips:

Go for Gas. Lump charcoal is becoming increasingly available, but often comes from thousands of miles (or even multiple continents) away, which negates some of its carbon benefits(due to the output from transportation); until it’s readily available from local sources, the efficiency of gas wins out.

If you must use Charcoal:

-Avoid charcoal imported from distant places such as Indonesia that is likely to have come from endangered forests. —

-Look for locally sourced charcoal from a supplier that uses wood from sustainably managed forests.

-Don’t use lighter fluids made from gasoline derivatives which can leave harmful deposits on your food, instead try crumpled newspaper or kindling.

So next time your lil North Gwinnett Bulldog wants to grill out before a game, be sure to Think Green In Gwinnett Area GIGA

– James Chronicle

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North Gwinnett Baseball Team

December 31, 2008

North Gwinnett Baseball Team
would like to help take the hassle out of disposing your Christmas tree and are offering the following services:

· Pick up the tree outside your home for a donation of $10.00
· Remove tree from home for a donation of $25.00

Note: Please remove all ornaments, lights and tinsel before your tree is picked up.

Call us today to make an appointment to have your tree picked up. You can reach us at (770) 271 – 8283 or email us at We will start scheduling pickups 12/8/08. Pickup dates are 12/26 – 1/5/08.

Please provide us the following information and we will notify you when we will be in your area for the pick-up:
Phone Number
Sub Division

All monies collected go to the North Gwinnett High School Baseball Program and are tax deductible. All trees will be recycled by the City of Suwanee.

We serve the greater Suwanee area… GO DAWGS!!!